The right IT services that fit small and midsize organizations’ needs and budget. Plans cover the entire spectrum of IT support from full service outsourcing to assisting in-house IT with added resources. All of our support programs are designed to support the organization’s strategic goals in the areas of productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

(The benefits and services of an internal IT department without the overhead)

Many things in life are unpredictable. Your computer network shouldn’t be one of them. Your business needs a reliable network that functions optimally and securely so you can spend time on more productive activities. With our Coast Care Program, we run your network so you can focus on running your business.
Our Coast Care Program provides management, support, and protection for your IT network infrastructure, giving you total peace of mind. All aspects of your network are covered—security, data, protection applications, etc.—all for a fixed monthly price. It is comprehensive IT support and management for a fraction of the cost of staffing an IT department.
With Coast Care Program, we essentially become your IT department. We optimize your network’s performance, ensure it operates reliably and at peak efficiency, apply performance monitoring 24/7, and provide fast resolutions to network failures. Plus, our fixed price takes the guesswork out of setting an IT budget. We provide guaranteed predictability of your IT support costs so you avoid high emergency fees.
Other benefits include:

  • Increased “up time” through continuous monitoring of your IT network
  • Firewall performance monitoring and maintenance
  • Enterprise level anti-virus monitoring
  • Data backup & restore
  • Disaster recovery
  • Network and desktop/user level Preventative maintenance
  • Preferred help desk support

(Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s internal IT department)

Fixing network problems often snatches valuable time and attention away from your IT administrators and network managers who could focus on more important projects. It’s important to keep your business’ network functioning properly, but as a small-to-midsize company, you don’t want to hire an additional resource just to help put out fires within the network. This is where our Coast Assist Program comes in.
With the Coast Assist Program, we provide a helping hand to your IT department via access to our award-winning performance-monitoring solution. Our program gives your IT department continual insight into the health and inner workings of your network, allowing you to pinpoint the root of problems within seconds. The program also allows your managers to predict and prevent most network issues, delivering peace of mind and freeing time for other tasks. If necessary, you will have access to supplemental service support from our team of specialists.
Benefits of the Coast Assist Program include:

  • Improved efficiency without additional headcount
  • Access to real-time key network information for improved system performance and less downtime
  • Higher levels of security and reliability through automated patch management (optional)
  • Trending reports and analysis to explain current and future IT expenditures
  • Cost-effective access to our specialized skills to augment your existing team’s skill set.

(Proactive remote network monitoring 24/7)

Nothing is more frustrating than computer issues halting your work flow. Though technology is essential to conducting your business, it inevitably will fail from time to time. Partnering with us through our Coast Support Program will reduce downtime from network issues and keep your system operating at peak performance.

Through our award-winning availability monitoring devices, we’ll keep tabs on the health of your network devices and applications, and address any issue or inform you of a proposed solution. We dramatically shorten the time from failure to issue-resolution, allowing your business to stay on track and remain productive. Immediate diagnosis also means reduced costs for you. By diagnosing and resolving issues within minutes, you can quickly get back to more strategic, revenue-generating tasks.

(For companies that need that special blend of remote and onsite services)

While our standard support programs address the needs of most companies, we realize that there are times when companies need a special mix of remote monitoring, network maintenance, and onsite service. Our custom support programs are “right sized” to fit companies with special requirements.

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